working drawings (collaborative) for the Unsettled Settler

As part of the development of the Whiteness Whitemess Project (see post by this name), I collaborated with two incredible artists Madeline MacNamara (performer and theatre maker) and Claire Lissaman (dancer).

We are all interested in critical whiteness studies and making work that responds to our positionally as pakeha (colonial decendants) in Aotearoa. Working collaboratively (during our initial thinking stages) enabled us to visually get our heads around some of the issues and dynamics we wanted to explore while working on this project.

I’m hoping to put  more links here soon to work that came out of this – Thoughts from an Unsettled Settler (see post) grew from these explorations, Claire created a dance work called Landing which she performed in Berlin – click here to see this – and Madeline created a one woman performance work (the work in progress for this was performed during the Whitemess Hui).

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